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Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift; As a result of the advancement of age and the balance of weight gain and loss, skin sagging can be encountered in many periods in the body. Sagging of the skin in women is more intense in the legs and a noticeable sagging occurs especially in the inner parts of the thighs.

The sagging encountered in the upper thigh areas is extremely disturbing, especially as it causes the legs to rub against each other continuously while walking.

However, it offers an extremely disturbing appearance in terms of aesthetic appearance. Any excess skin on the inside of the legs can easily be removed with thigh lift operations. Thigh lift operations are preferred for their miraculous results.

How is a Thigh Lift done?

Thigh lifting applications qualify as surgery and are performed under anesthesia. In order to get the desired results from these applications, which should be done in fully equipped health centers, those who perform the application must be experts in their field. After the application, patients can be discharged and return to their homes after a short time.

Who is suitable for a Thigh Lift?

Those who have sagging problems due to excessive weight gain and sudden weight loss, those who have been exposed to the sun, people with signs of aging, individuals who feel slackness in their tissues have the appropriate qualifications for these operations.

With the preliminary examination to be made before the operation, the patients are examined by experts and it is clearly determined whether they are suitable for the operation or not. By applying to health centers, patients can have more clear information about the prices of thigh lifts and who is suitable for the procedure.

Before a Thigh Lift

It is mandatory that patients who will undergo a thigh lift operation are suitable for this operation and comply with the necessary prohibitions. Before the operation, experts give some warnings and patients are informed about many issues such as eating and drinking habits before the operation.

In addition to stopping the consumption of alcohol and drugs, it is also necessary to remain without eating for a certain period of time before the operation. Doctors provide the most accurate information to patients in this regard and ensure that the operation process is managed correctly.

After a Thigh Lift

After a thigh lift, patients should stay in the hospital for a day. With a one-night follow-up, the patient will recover well and can be discharged from the health center the next day. Any pain after the operation is minimal. There will be swelling and bruising which is quite natural. The patient can take a shower after 1 week after the operation and it is possible to recover completely within a week.

Considerations for those who have had Thigh Lifts

Although thigh lift operations give definite results, the patient needs to heed some post operative warnings afterwards. In order to get results from the operation, patients should avoid lifting weights and forcing themselves for a certain period of time.

Movements should be restricted for a while and sensitive action must be practiced in social life. This process can be easily circumvented with the doctor’s advice.

Thigh Lift Prices

Thigh lift prices applied in the leg area vary according to the extent and characteristics of the operation to be performed. Patients can learn the full operation prices from health centers after being examined.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked question about inner thigh lifting operations is whether it will leave a scar in the leg area. Since the incision is usually opened from the groin area, no scars will be visible. Patients should contact health centers for any questions about thigh lift prices and scars.

What is the Success Rate of Thigh Lifts?

The quality of the center and the experts directly affects the success rate of aesthetic operations. If an expert staff is preferred, it is possible to benefit from these applications at the highest level. Patients can be more sure of the results by researching the health center before making a choice.

Are thigh lifts Performed in State Hospitals?

Thigh lift operations are operations that can be performed in many health centers. If this operation is an operation that needs to be done due to the essential need, then state hospitals can also be involved. However, in cases where it is elective only for pleasure or luxury, the necessary support might not be obtained from public hospitals.

Is Thigh Lifting Countered by the Social Security Institute?

In some cases, it is possible to cover thigh lift operations within the scope of surgical interventions. For this, the reason why the operation is needed is investigated. Patients can get the necessary information by having a preliminary examination and also have information about thigh lift prices.

Is Thigh Lifting Risky?

As with any surgical intervention, there is a certain risk in these applications. However, these non-vital risks are minimized by strictly following the instructions during the operation process. At this stage, doctors closely monitor the patient and take precautions against risks.

Is an additional procedure required after Thigh Lifting?

In many cases, thigh lifting applications are completed in one go, but in some cases an additional operation may be required. A repeat intervention may be required due to additional reasons such as concealing stitches or visible skin.

Does inner thigh lifting leave a scar?

Since surgical interventions are usually carried out with incisions, some scars remain. However, the incisions are made from the inside and are not visible to the naked eye from the outside.

Any scars remain completely above the groin line, so there is no extra scar. Patients can obtain more detailed information about thigh lift prices and application centers by doing research.