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Nasolabial Filler

Nasolabial Filler; Reciprocal lines descending from both sides of the nose to the mouth area and lip circumference are called nasolabial lines. These lines, which exist from birth in humans, become apparent over time and gradually become more pronounced with the advancement of age.

These lines, which become clearly visible in old age, can have a smoother appearance with nasolabial filling and many other techniques.

These lines are present in every individual and can cause a tired and exhausted appearance.  These lines, which present an unhappy facial expression, are also called laugh lines, and these lines can be straightened with techniques such as nasolabial filler.

In order to get the best results from the application, patients must first resort to the lifting of the cheek area, etc. It is recommended that they prefer operations and perform procedures on these lines after their cheekbones are corrected. The best decision will become clear after a preliminary examination to be made at this stage.

How Nasolabial Filling is done

It is absolutely necessary to have a specialist physician for line correction operations performed in the facial area. Otherwise, the results will not be as promising and beautiful as desired. The application can basically be defined as loading hyaloronic acid into the nasolabia area. The application of this substance is not a destructive process, in fact it ensures the wellbeing and vitality of cells in the area.

There are no side effects under normal conditions in nasolabial filling applications, which include the operation of correcting the lines in the facial area. Some rash and swelling may occur in patients after the application.

This situation is extremely normal and the skin will maintain its former look again in the future. The biggest problem with the application is whether there will be any loss of sensation in facial expressions.

This situation, which is most frequently wondered about by patients, does not cause any negative effects. Patients leave the procedure without any change in their facial gestures and return to their social life. It is sufficient for patients to contact their health institutions for all kinds of questions about nasolabial filling prices and operations.

Before Nasolabial Filling

If the patients who prefer the filling application act in line with the advice of the experts before the operation, they will be extremely comfortable during the post-operative period. Before the operation, the lines that are very visible and make the face look tired are lightened and the skin is rejuvenated and a more lively and fresh appearance is gained.

Patients can see the positive effects of the application from the first postoperative session. Hyaluronic acid applied under the skin remains on the surface for a total of two weeks and begins to be absorbed by the skin after two weeks. Therefore, the skin gains a normal appearance after two weeks.

After Nasolabial Filling

It is important not to use any application on the skin for a certain period of time after the procedure, subject to the expert’s advice. Not using additional products until the rash disappears enables recovery in a short time and patients can return to their social lives in a short time by keeping their skin clean. Patients should contact their healthcare institutions for many different issues such as nasolabial filling prices and post-operative care.

Patients should avoid contact with water for the first 10 days after the procedure. It is important that acidic products do not come into contact with skin. Therapies such as steam and spa should also be postponed and heavy sports exercises should not be done for the first week.

Those who have had Nasolabial Fillers

Those who have nasolabial filling get many advantages from this application. The biggest benefit of the application is the acceleration of collagen production in the skin. In addition, volume is gained around the mouth area.

This application, which has no side effects, does not cause problems in the lives of patients due to its short duration. This application, which softens the skin, gives the skin structure a smoother appearance.

Women who prefer the application can use makeup and participate in social life in a short time. Patients can contact their preferred health institutions to learn about many different issues such as nasolabial filler prices and the advantages of the procedure.

How Long does a Nasolabial Filling Last?

Nasolabial filling applications applied to the facial contours is gradually becoming a need for people over 25. Lines around the eyes, along with the lips, portray an older appearance on the skin.

People who lose confidence in themselves in the following process with sagging start to be unhappy. Filling applications that can be preferred during this process are extremely effective in increasing the self-confidence of people again.

Filling operations can last up to a year in most cases. However, how long the application will last varies depending on the degree and success of the specialist who performs this procedure. Patients can follow the process closely and be in constant communication with the center and learn all the details they are curious about.

Nasolabial Filling Prices 2023

Nasolabial filling prices vary according to the quality and service characteristics of the health institutions that will perform this application. If these procedures, which can be performed in many health centers today, are performed in professional hands, the results will be extremely satisfactory.

Patients should be very careful in choosing a procedure center in order to avoid a possible negative result. It is recommended that people contact many different centers for details such as nasolabial filler prices and the service features of the centers and get a price after deciding on the procedure.