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Hifu Skin Rejuvenation

Hifu Skin Rejuvenation; The signs of aging appear in the form of deformations such as sagging and wrinkles due to genetic structure, unhealthy diet. These deformations can cause people to feel bad both in social life and in terms of appearance. Therefore, skin rejuvenation procedures are preferred by many men and women today.

Surgical or non-surgical techniques and methods can be preferred to eliminate deformations on the face. However, today many people prefer non-surgical skin rejuvenation methods to have more vibrant and smoother skin.

Non-surgical hifu skin rejuvenation is among the most preferred rejuvenation methods. Hifu skin rejuvenation method, which provides a more flawless skin by renewing the texture of the skin, is one of the aesthetic procedures using sound waves.

How is Hifu Skin Rejuvenation Applied?

It is necessary to contact a specialist doctor who will perform the procedure before the Hifu skin rejuvenation. Before the aesthetic procedure, a special gel is applied to the area where the procedure will be applied.

Some procedures are performed on previously determined skin. Redness can occur on the face after the hifu skin rejuvenation process, which takes about half an hour. Skin rejuvenation, which is a very simple and easy method, allows the sagging and irregularity on the face to be eliminated with sound waves.

Are Hifu Skin Rejuvenation Results Permanent?

It is not possible to stop aging on the face with aesthetic operations. Therefore, surgery or non-surgical aesthetic procedures are valid for a certain period of time. Hifu skin rejuvenation allows skin renewal to begin in a short time.

In this method, the duration of permanence varies between 6 months and 2 years on average which differs from person to person. With a healthy life and healthy diet, the permanence of hifu skin rejuvenation results can be extended for longer periods.

Those who have had Hifu Skin Rejuvenation

Since Hifu skin rejuvenation is a painless method that shows its effect in a short time, it is preferred by many men and women. After the procedure, individuals can continue their daily lives in a short time.

This situation allows many people to have a hifu skin rejuvenation procedure. This method, which is preferred by many men and women, recovers the sagging and wrinkles on the skin and a more natural appearance is achieved.

Types of Skin Rejuvenation

Hifu skin rejuvenation is one of the non-surgical methods to remove wrinkles and sagging on the face. Today, with the development of technology, different methods and techniques are used for skin rejuvenation.

Different aesthetic procedures are performed, with and without surgery. Different methods such as mesotherapy, gold needle, spider web, laser applications, ozone therapy can be preferred as skin rejuvenation treatment types.

Radio Frequency Skin Rejuvenation

Hifu skin rejuvenation and radio frequency skin rejuvenation procedures are painless methods that can be completed in a short time without surgery. Skin defects such as wrinkles and sagging are reduced by using radio frequency waves.

The type of device used in radio frequency skin rejuvenation procedures to send heat energy to the skin is very important. In this method, which is used in the treatment of many skin imperfections, stimuli are sent to different layers of the skin.

H 100F Skin Rejuvenation

Hifu skin rejuvenation is a preferred aesthetic procedure to remove deformations such as wrinkles and sagging on the face and to create a more flawless skin appearance. H100 skin rejuvenation is a serum consisting of hyaluronic acid and many other beneficial substances found naturally in the human body. This method can be applied to many parts of the body such as face, neck, hand, jowl, décolleté.

How is Hifu Skin Care done?

Hifu skin rejuvenation is a technique used to eliminate the deformations that occur on the face with focused sound waves. Sound waves provide rejuvenation by stimulating the areas in the lower and middle layers of the skin.

People who have complaints such as droopy eyebrows, sagging cheeks and loosening under the chin can easily choose this method to get rid of these complaints without surgery. It is applied for 30 minutes on average during a single session.

However, the point to be considered here is that the process is performed by experts in sterile environments. Otherwise, uncontrolled skin care may cause fat loss on the bone. Hifu treatment by professionals and experts does not have any disadvantages or cause harm.

Is Hifu Application Painful?

People do not feel any pain during Hifu skin rejuvenation aesthetic procedures. Anesthetic creams are applied to the area where the procedure will be applied. Along with the Hifu skin rejuvenation method, some other skin rejuvenation methods can be applied at the same time.

This way, many deformations in the face can be eliminated. Hifu treatment, which lasts between 1 and 2 years on average, has a longer life span than many other methods.

These methods are not recommended for people with excessive sagging on their face. In addition, since it is an application that affects the skin, this method is not preferred in areas where nerves are concentrated.

When skin aging is not stopped with a skin rejuvenation aesthetic procedure, this method or different techniques can be used again.

Hifu Skin Rejuvenation Prices 2023

Hifu skin rejuvenation prices are more affordable and low cost than many other skin rejuvenation aesthetic procedures. For detailed information about the method, it is necessary to contact the institution where the procedure will be carried out and discuss the price. Hifu skin rejuvenation prices vary according to the treatment area.