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Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy; Hair loss is among the problems faced by many people today. Different methods and techniques are used to prevent and treat hair loss encountered at all ages in men and women. These methods are used to prevent hair loss and to provide a better appearance.

One of the hair loss treatment methods is the hair mesotherapy method. Hair mesotherapy is a special method that prevents hair loss and thickens the hair by feeding the hair follicles.

Hair loss can be caused by many reasons such as genetic structure, environmental factors, stress, vitamin deficiency. Protective measures should be taken to prevent hair loss. Hair mesotherapy is an affordable and low-cost method which makes it preferred by many.

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is a method of injecting some vitamins and minerals needed by the hair into the scalp. It is a therapy method performed by injecting substances such as vitamins, calcium, iodine and copper needed by the hair directly into the scalp.

Many hair problems are solved with this method, which is preferred by many people today. An experienced and professional dermatologist must be contacted for this application.

How is Hair Mesotherapy done?

Hair mesotherapy is a very popular method in which vitamins and minerals required for healthier hair growth are injected into the scalp. Among the treatment methods used for hair loss problems, drugs used for mesotherapy treatment with very successful results are applied locally.

Hair mesotherapy is among clinical treatments. Hair mesotherapy is one of the methods that should be preferred considering the affordable price and the success it provides after the treatment.

Before and After Hair Mesotherapy

A detailed examination is required before hair mesotherapy. Various tools / devices are used for the mesotherapy process. Necessary vitamins and minerals are injected with appropriate local anesthesia by specialists to the area of hair loss.

The needles used in this process have been specially designed. People do not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure.  The rules determined by the dermatologist must be followed before and after hair mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy treatment, which does not have any side effects and is completed in a short time, is applied locally in small doses. Afterwards, the weakened hair follicles are revitalized and gain a more robust appearance.

Mesotherapy treatment, which takes an average of 20 minutes, should be performed at certain intervals and sessions. It is not recommended to go to the pool and steam rooms after hair mesotherapy.

In addition, women should avoid coinciding their sessions with their menstrual periods. After mesotherapy, the treated area should not be exposed to sunlight for a while. Smoking and alcohol should be avoided before and after the procedure.

Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy treatment must be done by a specialist in a sterile environments. Materials such as gloves and syringes used during the application must not be reused after the procedure. After hair mesotherapy, there may be some practically negligible side effects.

After the procedure, itching and crust appearance may occur in the treated area. Although success is generally achieved in hair treatment methods, in some cases the expected results might not be achieved.

Hair mesotherapy methods, like some other applications, are not 100% guaranteed. A detailed research should be done on the advantages and disadvantages of the application and the decision be made accordingly. Hair mesotherapy is not suitable for people with various skin infections and during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy has many advantages for people. The treatment provides a more vibrant and fuller hair by nourishing the hair follicles. Hair mesotherapy, which is more advantageous than many other hair treatment methods, is a procedure that does not have any harmful effect on the body. This method, which is carried out in a short time, saves people time.

Hair mesotherapy starts to show results in a short time after the first session. In addition to being a painless method, it can be applied to all age groups. The Mesotherapy method can be preferred as a support for hair loss treatments and can be planned according to individual needs.

The mixture injected into the scalp can be prepared according to the needs of the individual. It provides regeneration and revitalization of hair for people who have hair loss problems at a young age.

It is a highly effective method with a high success rate. The dose of the mixture to be injected can be adjusted. Hair mesotherapy is a method that can be easily preferred in male pattern hair loss. Let’s do research about the price of hair mesotherapy, and successful results can be obtained by contacting institutions that offer quality service.

Those Who Have had Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is a method preferred by many men and women. The success rate of hair mesotherapy performed by experts and professionals in sterile environments is very high.

People who have hair mesotherapy express their satisfaction after the procedure, and permanent and successful results are obtained after this method.

People who have had the procedure have indicated that their hair loss problems have been greatly reduced and the resilience of their hair has increased. In addition, hair mesotherapy is recommended by many physicians.

Hair Mesotherapy Prices 2023

A meeting should be made with the institution where the procedure will be carried out for detailed information about the price of hair mesotherapy. In this method, prices may differ according to the institution where the procedure will be carried out and the location of the institution.

In addition, the needs of the procedure area and the individual will determine the price. Services for hair mesotherapy should be obtained from experts and professionals and professional institutions. Otherwise, serious problems may occur. It is possible to find institutions that offer quality at affordable prices.