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Dermapen, the discovery of which dates back to the ancient Chinese times, was applied by Chinese princesses at the time, and is now being used effectively by reinforcing it with modern medicine. With this treatment method, which is preferred for all kinds of wrinkles on the face that incur over time, it is possible to minimize wrinkles and beautify the facial appearance.

Dermapen, which was awarded application of the year in the USA in 2012, is safely preferred because it does not damage the skin’s own tissue. A significant improvement is observed in the skin layer as a result of the applications performed without any peeling and damage in the epidermis area.

Individuals can contact the relevant centers for technical information such as Dermapen prices and under what conditions the application takes place.

What is Dermapen?

This application, which creates a rejuvenating effect on the skin, can be applied on the scalp, permanent spots caused by acne scars, individuals with tissue loss and the neck area. Both women and men can choose the application regardless of age and leave the center with satisfactory results.

How is Dermapen used?

Skin rejuvenating applications are applications performed on the skin and they do not cause any permanent effect on the skin. During the application, stem cells are used for support and several different components are combined with this extract.

This mixture is applied on the skin surface with special tools and the results are observed. The revitalization and growth of new cells is observed in the treated areas. With the inclusion of existing cells in this treatment, the number of active cells on the skin area increases.

Thus, the growing cells cause blemishes on the skin to shrink and disappear. Individuals can obtain all kinds of details regarding the application and Dermapen prices by getting a consultation at the relevant center.

Where is Dermapen Applied?

Dermapen applications, which can be applied on several different points of the skin, especially in the facial area, give confidence because of precise results and not causing any permanent scarring.

These applications, which are extremely effective in wrinkles in the face and neck area, can also be safely applied in many different areas where tissue loss and tissue damage has occurred.

Before Dermapen applications, which can be applied to damaged tissues on the skin, individuals are firstly disinfected. Hyaluronic acid is applied on the surface of the skin, which is purified from all bacteria and microbes. During the application with ultra-thin needles, needles contact the skin at a great speed and thus many microscopic pores are formed on the skin surface.

How many sessions does it take for Dermapen to give results?

It is not possible to talk about a completely clear process in Dermapen applications that can be used in many different areas on the skin and body surface.

Patients can obtain information about how many sessions they will receive during the pre-examination they have before the application. Sessions take place between 2 and 10 sessions for different applications in each area. An interval of 1 to 4 weeks between two applications is foreseen.

What are the Benefits of Dermapen?

The application has many different benefits and advantages. This application, which incurs minimal damage to the epidermal surface, is easily maneuverable over the entire facial area. Vertical needles do not pose a danger.

After the application which is completed in a short time, the skin will look extremely tight and youthful. The fact that patients who have had it before are satisfied with the result allows new patients to easily opt this procedure.

Is Dermapen harmful?

No chemicals are used in the application and subcutaneous application is not an issue. Therefore, no risks are involved in a superficial procedure. Patients can return to their social life in a short time with satisfactory results.

Before and after Dermapen

Patients are informed and all kinds of questions are answered about the procedure are by the experts before the application. Patients who are informed by the experts can easily wait for the procedure without any question marks in their minds and the result is achieved without any complications.

After the procedure, there are a number of rules to be considered. Patients who have detailed information about the things to be considered can return to their social lives as soon as possible if they can easily survive the post-procedure process.

Any redness and application symptoms that may occur after the application will disappear in a short time. Individuals who are knowledgeable about this issue thus overcome the recovery process without panicking.

Patients should protect the skin surface against the sun as much as possible during the healing process. The skin that does not come into contact with water for 2 days will regain its normal appearance in a short time.

Dermapen Review

Dermapen prices vary according to the application area. In this context, individuals can get information about prices and application details by having a preliminary examination at the center of their preference. This application is the dream of almost every woman today. Reassuring applications generating exact results minimize wrinkles on the skin surface.

Dermapen Application

The application, which is extremely effective on many acne scars from adolescence, is carried out without any damage to the skin. Individuals can return to their social lives in a short time after the application, which is also extremely effective on skin problems caused by advancing age.

Dermapen Prices 2023

Dermapen prices vary according to the characteristics of the center where the application will be made. In this context, after individuals make a decision, they can contact the relevant health institutions and get information about Dermapen prices and details of the application.