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Collagen Filler

Collagen Filler, in its most general definition, is a kind of beneficial protein which is applied under the skin by injecting. Within the scope of applications made with the help of needles, the appearance of skin is improved and gains a new look.

With collagen filling, which is among the most common skin treatments, the gaps formed in the skin over time are replenished and a smoother and beautiful appearance is obtained on the skin. With collagen filler applications which are included in the dermal filling group, it is also possible to eliminate any kind of roughness on the skin.

How is Collagen Filling done?

The skin structure is influenced by many different factors over time and therefore starts to show signs of aging. A stressful and busy lifestyle is reflected in the appearance of skin, and with the combination of many different factors, skin ages over time.

It is also possible for the skin to have a younger appearance with preferred collagen applications to reduce the signs of aging and revitalize the skin. This ensures protection of the skin against many harmful effects such as the sun. Collagen filling prices can be found out by applying to the center after deciding on the center to be preferred for the procedure.

Collagen deficiency seen in the skin due to aging can be replenished with these applications. Collagen filling applications, which give skin a radiant look again, are performed with the help of a needle and  applied into the skin where necessary.

Before the application, the skin is evaluated and the areas to be treated are marked. Subsequently, the application is carried out consecutively in these areas to give results in a short time and patients can return to their daily lives in many cases.

What are the Features of Collagen Filler?

The most important feature of the filling applied to the skin is that it does not contain any content that can damage the skin tissue. Since the completely natural collagen composition is a pigment that is found in skin, the injected collagen is absorbed easily by the skin. Information about collagen filling prices and all details of the application can be obtained from health institutions and aesthetic centers.

Those who have had Collagen Fillers

Collagen filling applications that give effective results on the skin surface are the basis of youthful looking skin. These applications enable many people to have smoother, more radiant, supple and full bodied skin.

Collagen, which is secreted spontaneously in people’s bodies during youth, can no longer be produced by the body at later ages, and under these circumstances, these pigments are introduced into the skin by many different methods such as collagen filling. This procedure enables a longer-lasting beautiful skin structure.

Those who have collagen fillers become more confident with the satisfaction they get and become more active in their social lives. Their positive experience sets an example and leads those who want to choose this procedure. Collagen filling prices can be learned from health institutions after a preliminary examination.

Side Effects of Collagen Filler

The filling application does not have any known side effects. If patients pay attention to the rules to be followed in the pre and post procedure period and spend this process under rigorous conditions, they can complete this process without any side effects.

Who Cannot Have Collagen Filling?

Individuals must be ready for this application. A preliminary examination and examination will readly reveal who is ready and suitable for this application.

Collagen filling applications are not recommended for the following:

  • Diabetics,
  • Cancer patients and those undergoing treatment,
  • Those with skin infections, people with autoimmunity deficiencies,
  • Individuals who are undergoing or have recently undergone laser treatment.

Individuals can apply for filling applications once their  treatment process is completed.

How is Collagen Filler Applied?

This application, performed subcutaneously with a needle, takes place in sessions and the collagen is injected under the skin with fine interventions on the skin surface. This application, which is quite easy compared to many filling techniques, is preferred because the contact is very minor.

What are the benefits of collagen filler for the skin?

Collagen is an essential component for the body in every period. When collagen, which is beneficial for the skin, cannot be produced by the skin, it can be injected into the skin externally. Collagen, which makes the skin look younger and more radiant, also helps to renew skin the cells.

Skin Care after Collagen Filling

If the correct steps are applied in skin care after the filling application, the results obtained will be more permanent. In the first stage after the treatment, the skin absorbs the collagen it needs and leaves the excess part as filler. In this context, the skin looks fuller than it is. Settlement will take time and it takes a while for the skin to take shape. It is normal to see a rash on the skin during this process.

It is possible to prevent swelling by applying cold compresses to the skin during this period of time. Precautions can be taken against possible irritation and allergies by avoiding external skin care products. The skin should be kept as clean as possible and skin care creams should be avoided for a while.

Collagen Filler Prices 2023

The clearest information about collagen filling prices, which have different price ranges in each center, is revealed after the center to be applied is decided. People can get the clearest prices after a short research by contacting aesthetic centers.