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Cold Lipolysis

Cold Lipolysis; Fat accumulation is seen in some parts of the body such as the arms, legs, hips and belly. Different techniques and methods are used to eliminate localized fat, which is disturbing both in terms of appearance and health.

One of the methods used to remove localized fat is the cold lipolysis method. This method, which offers very popular and permanent solutions today, is preferred by many people of all age groups.

The application of this method, which allows people to have the body they want in a short time, should be done by experts. It is among the most preferred spot slimming methods today with its prices and the advantages it provides to people.

What is Cold Lipolysis?

Cold lipolysis is a method that enables spot slimming without the need for surgical procedures. In this method, excess fat in the relevant area is frozen. Special state-of-the-art devices are used for this process. Excess fat is broken down and removed from the body with the cold lipolysis method.

Thanks to this method, which can be easily applied to many areas, people achieve a better appearance. Cold lipolysis method gives the same results as the success achieved as a result of surgical procedures.

How is Cold Lipolysis done?

In the cold lipolysis method, fat cells concentrated in certain parts of the body are cooled in a controlled manner. Fat cells are frozen and the body is able to process these fats in a short time. Cold lipolysis treatment can be applied to many areas depending on the needs of people.

People do not feel any pain during the procedure. In addition, they can even read newspapers and books during the process. Since there is no surgical intervention, the patient can continue his daily life after the procedure.

How long does a Session Last?

Cold lipolysis is a comfortable procedure that takes a short time. Necessary examinations and controls are performed before cold lipolysis. After the area to be treated is determined, the application nozzle of the device is adjusted according to the type of body and the area.

The application time varies depending on the area of treatment. However, cold lipolysis process takes approximately 1 hour for 1 session. During this period, the area where the fat layer is located is slowly cooled and frozen.

How many sessions does cold lipolysis treatment take?

Cold lipolysis treatment is applied between 1 and 3 sessions on average. These sessions are done in the same area. In order to achieve success in cold lipolysis, the procedure should be applied during certain periods according to the number of sessions predicted by the specialist.

After the procedure, the effects start to be seen after an average of 3 weeks. However, the effect of the treatment becomes evident in 1 to 1.5 months on average. Cold lipolysis prices also differ according to the number of sessions in which the procedure will be performed.

When does the effect occur?

Cold lipolysis is a process that affects more quickly than many other localized slimming methods. Treatment effects differing from person to person, are manifested after an average of 3 weeks.

The impact of lipolysis localized slimming treatment becomes evident after 1 month. However, after cold lipolysis treatment, people should include healthy nutrition and exercise into the process.

Does Cold Lipolysis have any side effects?

No surgical intervention is performed during the cold lipolysis method. Any side effects and harm of the procedure have not been determined. After the cold lipolysis method preferred by many people, a slight redness may occur in the area where the procedure is applied.

This is normal and temporary. Cold lipolysis procedure is not suitable for pregnant women and those with suspected pregnancy. In addition, people with skin problems should report this to the specialist who will perform the procedure.

How long does the treatment effect of Cold Lipolysis last?

Cold lipolysis method should be supported with healthy nutrition and exercises like other localized slimming methods. An unhealthy diet and excessive calorie intake will generate fat again. It has been observed that people experience a large amount of fat loss after cold lipolysis.

However, some issues should be taken into consideration in order to prevent fat accumulation in the body again. People should consume less salt and more water after cold lipolysis.

Cold Lipolysis Gel Users

Cold lipolysis gel is an FDA-approved gel, but it is an effective application used to remove fat in our country. With this gel, fat cells are frozen to prevent the formation of fat. Cold lipolysis gel, which is preferred to get rid of localized fat deposits in some parts of the body has enabled a weight loss around 8-9 kg per month.

With the help of this gel, which is currently used and will be in the future, fat cells are frozen and this fat is burned by the body to make the slimming permanent and an ideal body is achieved.

Cold lipolysis gel, which is a very effective application, is preferred to get rid of spare tires, i.e. sagging and loose belly fat and hip line, fat in the jowl area, sagging cellulite and softening in the inner thigh area,  sagging of the arms and legs.

Disadvantages of Cold Lipolysis

Local complications can be seen after cold lipolysis, which is effective in localized slimming. In this FDA approved method, side effects such as pain, itching, cramping, redness, diarrhea, water accumulation in the application area, stiffness in the muscles can sometimes be seen after the application.

Partial bruising can occur in the area after vacuum applications. These side effects are temporary, and studies have shown that they do not cause any harm to the body.

Cold Lipolysis Prices 2023

Cold lipolysis prices vary according to the center where the process is applied, the province where the center is located, and the area where the application is performed. Cold lipolysis application is currently applied in many centers.

The important point here is that the center where the procedure is carried out has a team of experts in the field and the devices used are the latest technology. This application is at a level that does not strain people’s budget. Therefore, it is possible to get rid of localized fat and have an ideal body by preparing a budget.